DMC Partners

Compass India
- India & the Himalayas

Compass India Private Limited is a company based in Darjeeling Himalayas. It was founded based on sustainable travel ethics and now working towards more regenerative travel programs along with local communities at the village level. Founders of the company are pioneers in gender specific work on equality and equity in the travel trade and have an outstanding track record of creating female led travel programs in India that was widely published and awarded for. Compass India fully believes that without the engagement of local communities and empowerment, travel isn’t sustainable neither is it regenerative. 

SGA Travel
- Turkey & Cyprus

SGA Travel – Small Group Adventures is your best choice to assist you with experiential, local, sustainable and responsible travel solutions all around Turkey and Cyprus. Our mission is, to individually design, meticulously plan and smoothly deliver amazing travel experiences for your distinguished guests. 20+ years of experience in the travel industry taught us one thing – we only enjoy providing unique experiences in this amazing country. We are about creating the best travel moments through authentic experiences, unique adventures and exciting encounters.

Wild Travel
- Morocco

Wild Travel DMC is a company founded by a Moroccan woman called Fatimazohra Benhenia whose passion and love for her country; and being part of her customer’s memories are central to the Wild Travel DMC difference. Wild Travel DMC specialises in luxury and boutique small adventure group tours and tailor-made active holidays; while giving back to the local community and leaving a positive impact on both local people and places.
At Wild Travel, working with knowledgeable and passionate tour leaders and guides, as well as experienced and local office staff, inspire us to offer original and unique itineraries that allow our customers to experience in-depth journeys and off-the-beaten-track and active holidays.

Travel Neutral collective
- Vietnam

Travel Neutral Collective is about the love of travelling, respecting people and tradition and the reverence for nature. Travel Neutral Collective is about leaving things better than when you found them, about walking with a light heart and leaving no baggage, and about treading softly and humbly through the wonders of life.

- Thailand

Tripseed was founded upon a simple proposition – to provide innovative travel experiences driven by our deep local expertise and focussed on delivering sustainable growth through travel. Tripseed sows the seeds of sustainable growth for their partners by working hand-in-hand to deliver expert consultation, product and destination training – and plants the roots of long-term business opportunities. They nurture the sustainable growth of local communities by providing alternatives to mass-tourism and dedicate a portion of their profits to regenerative environmental and societal programmes. They inspire growth within travellers as they open their minds to different cultures, new and exotic flavours and mesmerising sights with their unique, experiential journeys.

Secret Paradise
- Maldives

Experience the beauty and culture of the Maldives in a way that truly makes a difference. Secret Paradise Maldives design every adventure to make sure travellers have an unforgettable local Maldives experience, while protecting the environment and, wherever possible, limiting any negative impact to local life. Their commitment to protecting the environment and supporting the local economy sets them apart as a leading responsible tour company in the Maldives. Travel with Secret Paradise for an unforgettable Maldives adventure that truly makes a positive impact.

Serva Travel
- Cambodia

Serva Travel is a luxury travel operator providing enriching experiences in Cambodia which prioritise sustainability, environmental conservation and cultural immersion. Through our commitment to responsible travel practices, we aim to create meaningful connections between travellers and the destinations we visit, promoting mutual respect and the preservation of natural and cultural heritage.

By offering carefully curated experiences that support local communities and tourism ecosystems, we strive to empower both travellers and hosts, fostering a positive impact on the places we explore. Our mission is to inspire a sense of stewardship and responsible travel behaviour among stakeholders through our amazing product design of luxury, classic, adventures, wellness and event planning customers.

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