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Our Philosophy

Image by Mesut Kaya

As a Collective, we are united in our commitment to being a platform for the local operators to challenge the status quo set by the big players, so that all who love to travel have better choices. Those who provide valuable services along the entire supply chain can earn a dignified living, all the while preserving and promoting culture and the environment.
We recognise that social inequity and problems associated with mass tourism are very real daily issues impacting all of us. For us, being responsible and sustainable is not just a buzzword, but a call to action. This is not just the metaphorical "our home" for most people; we actually live in these places, eat these foods and breathe these air.  

Our Values:


  • Local: Expertise by the locals, with locals.


  • Sustainability: People, Planet, Profit.


  • Do (ing) Right doing good is not enough, Do Right!


  • Happiness is what we do, what we bring to customers & communities.


  • Passionate about locals delivering unique products worldwide.

Our Members

We are a group of professionals with years of experience in the tourism industry. Different backgrounds, origins, cultures and countries find a common ground at the Global Collective. We are all passionate about travel but we are conscious of the impacts it has on local communities and the environment. We are on a mission to do the right thing and make the communities we live in thrive. Meet our members:

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Ewan Cluckie - Tripseed Profile New.jpg

Ewan Cluckie

Founder at Tripseed

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